Edit Shopify products with Mass Edit – How to

Posted By Seller Panda comments April 7, 2017

Hey everyone! We created this guide to help you in getting to know our Mass Edit app. Mass Edit shopify products! Mass Edit – fun, fast & interactive way to edit Shopify products!. You can add new product images, markdown & change prices, edit your variants and much more all from within the app. So […]


What advanced options should we have in Mass Edit?

Posted By Seller Panda comments July 1, 2015

If you had a chance to check out by now the Lite version for our Mass Edit app you can see that it offers limited options such as: adding images and rearranging them, delete images, hiding products, changing your product title and changing prices. The full version for the app will offer more advanced options, which we want […]


Coming soon: Mass Edit | Edit all your Shopify products from one page

Posted By Seller Panda comments June 24, 2015

Hi there! These days we’re working on our next app, Mass Edit. Mass Edit will let you edit all your Shopify products from within the app on a single page, so you don’t need to visit each product to edit it. Right now we’re inviting testers to try out the lite version for the app. […]


Add to your Shopify pins a Buy Now button

Posted By Seller Panda comments June 8, 2015

Great news! Shopify and Pinterest have just announced the release of buyable pins, a new type of pin that will allow your buyers to buy from your Shopify store directly on Pinterest! Also if you haven’t yet had a chance to use Pinterest as a marketing channel for your store, now you can use it […]


How to add color variants to your Shopify products

Posted By Seller Panda comments May 5, 2015

A few users asked us how they can add color variants to their Shopify stores so that they can use our Swatchify app. So, if you’d like your buyers to be able to choose color variants for a certain item, without creating multiple products for each color, you can do that by adding variants to a specific products. To start […]


Make beautiful catalogs from your Shopify collections: Panda Catalog Premium!

Posted By Seller Panda comments April 27, 2015

Hi, guys, A few months ago, Shopify users told us that they wanted a better way to display their inventory to potential customers. They wanted an elegant, customizable catalog, with links to all of their products that would be easy to create and share. So we built Panda Catalog, which does all these things for free and […]


What is the future of e-commerce and Shopify? What apps will help users get there faster?

Posted By Seller Panda comments April 20, 2015

Here at SellerPanda, we think a lot about the future of e-commerce and Shopify. This might seem odd-why would a small company with such a narrow mission scope spend time and resources thinking about such a big question? How is it relevant to our monthly bottom line? Sure, Amazon, eBay and Shopify should dedicate a […]


Shopify E-commerce Store Item Distribution: How We Automated Our Marketing Research

Posted By Seller Panda comments April 8, 2015

Shopify E-commerce Store Item Distribution: How To Automate Your Marketing Research Here at SellerPanda, we build apps for e-commerce, mostly for Shopify. We get our ideas from all kinds of places, but mostly from…talking to users. We figure that if one user tells us he could use an app, there’s a pretty good chance that […]


What do people buy online and when? Check out our analysis!

Posted By Seller Panda comments April 7, 2015

We wanted to find out what people buy online and when. Answering this simple question is very important for sellers who, for instance, rely on pay-per-click and social media marketing. Offering customers a product when they are interested in buying it leads to more sales. So we looked at 1 million online sales and broke them down […]


My Store Catalog Upgrade

Posted By Seller Panda comments March 30, 2015

Exciting changes in our eBay My Store Catalog app! If you’re signed up to our my Store Catalog app you’ll be happy to know that we just added more options for emailing your catalog to buyers! You will no be able to email the catalog when you let a buyer know that you shipped a […]