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Hey everyone! We created this guide to help you in getting to know our Mass Edit app.

Mass Edit shopify products!

Mass Edit – fun, fast & interactive way to edit Shopify products!.
You can add new product images, markdown & change prices, edit your variants and much more all from within the app. So follow the guide to see how easy & fast it is to Mass Edit shopify products.

This guide contains actual app screenshots, and will be updated fully each app update (including screenshots).

1. What Mass Edit can do?

When we built Mass Edit speed was our first thought, the main question was “How we can do it fast and easy?”.

How we do it?
Good you asked, Mass Edit show all your products (read section 2 for more info about filters) on a single page, why? Because this way when you finished editing a product, you jump straight to editing the next product, without the need to wait for the product to be saved, or to load the new product.
In Mass Edit the product is saved in the background and all the products already loaded.

So what Mass Edit can do?
Mass Edit is currently in the beta version, we want to know how the app feels for real Shopify sellers, and to get as much feedback as we can before we move to the next step.

Currently you can:

  1. Duplicate / Delete products
  2. Change product’s title / type / vendor
  3. Add / Remove product from collection
  4. Add / Edit product’s options
  5. Add / Duplicate / Delete variants
  6. Edit product’s (or variant’s if have any):
    • Price
    • Markdown price
    • Inventory
    • Price
    • SKU
    • Barcode
    • Inventory policy
    • Change purchase if out of stock
    • Change require shipping
  7. Add / Rearrange / Delete images
  8. Attach image to variant
  9. Set ALT of image

2. Filter products

When you first open Mas Edit first 48 of all your products will be loaded, don’t worry, when you start scrolling down, the next 48 products will be loaded until all of your products are loaded (remember we said we want it to be fast? the products will be loaded while you edit a product, or just scrolling)

But i have 10,000 products!
With our filter you can show only the products you need, you can filter by a collection, type, vendor, published/unpublished products & title.

Mass Edit fast product filter

1. Choose from All, collection, vendor or type.

2. Will show all the items your shop have according to the chosen method in first dropdown, for example if ‘Collection’ was chosen in first dropdown, this will list all the collections you have (if All was selected in first dropdown this will be disabled)

3. Show only published, unpublished or both. (default is both – All)

4. Show only products that the title contains the entered phrase. (if for example “Dress” was entered, it will find all products that contain the word “Dress” in the title of the product)

5. Click here to load the filtered products, when “Filter” is clicked we are loading the most updated products from your store, if the product already loaded our app can’t know if changes were made outside the app!

3. Quick edit

In the image below you can see 2 product windows, right product with variants, while left product without.

Mass Edit shopify products fast and easy

1. The product’s featured image.

2. The number of images the product have.

3. Publish or hide the product (open eye is published, closed eye is Unpublished)

4. Open the advanced modal (contains all what we couldn’t fit into the quick edit window)

5. Duplicate the product.

6. Delete the product (This cannot be undone!)

7. Change title.

8. Change product’s type.

9. Change product’s vendor.

10. Add / Remove product to / from collection (check collection to add product, uncheck to remove)
Important! This list only contain custom collections, you cannot add /remove manually products from smart collections.

11. The product on the right have variants, while the left product doesn’t, you will see a dropdown that contains all the variants of the product if it have any, to change the price, markdown or inventory of a specific variant, select the variant from the list, and all the inputs below will be updated according to the selected variant.

12. Change the price & markdown of the product or the selected variant (if the product have variants)

13. Change the inventory of the product or the selected variant (if the product have variants)

But where is the save button?
There is no save button, the product is saved automatically when you click outside the product window.
When you finished editing the product, you can just continue editing the next product, after 1 second the product will start the save process (the product window will be black saying “Saving …”).

When the save process finished, you will see the success message at the bottom of the page “*product title* was successfully saved!”.

Important! Do NOT exit the admin panel of Mass Edit without saving! the save process will not start if admin panel is closed.

4. Duplicate product

To duplicate the product, in the product window, click on Duplicate (No. 5 in Section 3).

In the middle of the duplicate process you cannot edit that specific product (you can always continue to edit the next one while its duplicating), you will see the product window turns black saying “Duplicating …”.

The duplicate process might take time depends on the number of variants and images the product have.

5. Delete product

To delete a product, in the product window, click the Delete button (No. 6 in Section 3).

After you clicked on Delete, you will be asked if you are sure you want to delete the chosen product.

after you click on yes, the product will disappear from the page, and you will get a success message when the product was deleted from your store.

6. Advanced edit

To open the advanced modal, in the product window, click the Advanced button (No. 4 in Section 3).

After clicking on Advanced, a modal with 3 tabs will open.

In this modal you will be able to edit images, variants and general properties of the product, all the changes that is made in the modal will pile up until you click on Cancel or Save, then we will compare the changed product (changes you have made) with the old product.

if you clicked Cancel and changes were found you will be asked if you want to discard those changes (clicking “Discard” will delete all changes, including images and new variants),
if you clicked on Save, and changes were NOT found you will get a message saying “changes were not found” and the modal will close, if you are sure you made changes but still got this message, please contact us ASAP with the exact changes you made before saving.

6. 1. General tab

Advanced fast edit Shopify products

Currently General tab only allow to change title, type, vendor and add /remove to / from collections, in the next updates we will add more features like managing tags, product description and more.

6. 2. Variants tab

In the variants tab you will find everything that is needed to edit variants.

Fast and easy edit shopify variants

1. Edit options, currently you can’t delete option, but you can rename it,
If you would like to change “Color” option to “Colors” all you need to do is add “s” in the second input box and you done.

2. Click here to add a new option.
Important! Shopify limit to 3 options per product, if the product have 3 options, this button will be hidden and you won’t be able to add new option.

3. Variants dropdown contain a list of all the variants the product have, the variant you see when dropdown is closed, “XLL / test” for this example is the selected variant, and all the inputs below it connected to this variant.
When you choose a variant from the list, all the inputs below it will be updated according to the new selected variant (so fast you might miss it).

To edit a specific variant, select it from the dropdown, and edit the needed fields.

Important! Always check you are working on the right selected variant.

4. You can add a variant, duplicate a variant and delete it (buttons from left to right):

Add variant - When clicked the fields below will be updated to the default values, also some of the inputs will have red background (nothing to worry about), those red fields just a reminder that those fields cannot be left empty and you need to fill them.

Duplicate variant - When clicked, all fields below will be updated according to the new variant created.
The only change you will see will be the variant’s first option value, we are adding “C. ” to the first option value so you will know that this is a copy of the other variant.

Delete variant - When clicked, the selected variant will be deleted from the list, and the selected variant will be changed to the next variant in the list (or last variant if the deleted variant was last in the list).

5. The number of fields in this raw will be determined by the number of options the product have.
If the product don’t have options (no variants), this raw will contain only 1 input that will be disabled.
The title of the input is the name of the option.

Changing this inputs will change the variant name, the first input will show red if the changed variant is already exists.

6. In this raw you can change the price, markdown (compare at price) and the inventory of the selected variant.

Price input cannot be empty, and must contain a number.

7. In this raw you will be able to change the product’s SKU, barcode and the inventory policy.

8. Check the first checkbox if you want to continue sell the product if it don’t have inventory (uncheck if you don’t),
check the second checkbox if that product require shipping (uncheck if it doesn’t)

Important! All changed in this tab (as in other tabs) are not final (including deletion of a variant), you can discard all changes by clicking on Cancel on top right of the modal. (this will discard ALL of the changes made in the modal)

6. 3. Images tab

In this tab you can Add / Rearrange / Delete images from the product.

Fast and easy Add / Rearrange / Delete images from shopify product

1. The first top left image is the featured image of the product, to change this and to rearrange the order of the images (from left to right, top to bottom), simply Drag&Drop the image to the wanted place.

2. When you hover your mouse over the image, you will see the action buttons, there are 3 options (left to right):

Attach image to variant - When clicked a pop up with a list of all the variants will open, all the variants that have this image attached already will be checked, if you want to attach to a variant simply check the wanted variant close the dropdown and click “Accept”, to detach image from variant, simply uncheck the variant and click “Accept”.

Edit ALT text - When clicked a pop up with input field will open, Simple enter the wanted ALT text to the input and click on “Accept”. (This will change the ALT of the image if it had any).

Delete image - When clicked the image will be removed from the page and will be deleted from the product only after Save is clicked.

3. To upload image to the click on “Uplaod images” button the the bottom of the tab, you can upload up to 20 images in one time and each image must be smaller then 20 megapixel. (Shopify limit)

Important! When image will start uploading you will see loading icon and the progress represented by percentage (0% – 100%), you will not be able to move or edit the image until the upload is finished.

Important! If the image in process of uploading and you click on Save, the Save button will be changed to “Uploading”, we cannot start the process of saving until all images finished to upload, when the upload process will be finished (of all the images) the save process of the product will start automatically without the need to click on save again, please do not click twice on the button or it might cause some unknown issues.

6. 4. Handle errors

Errors handled in mass edit

When you have some kind of error in the advanced editing you will see the input in question have a red background, also you will see in the variant list the variant with the error have a red background as well.

When you see this error, you can hover over the input to find out what the issue is, and fix it.

When Save is clicked we check if all the fields are correct before we try to save, in that case you will see a message saying “Product couldn’t save because errors was found, check variants and images please.”, you should go back to variants tab and images tab and check that nothing is red.

If you don’t find anything red and still get this message, please contact us ASAP.

7. Must read!!!

Here are few points you must read before using app:

1. Mass Edit is still in beta, this means that it is not a bug free, there might be some bugs that might lead to data lose, we are doing our best to avoid this, and did countless tests to avoid any data lose!

As we didn’t experienced in any product data lose (whole products), we did see that images might get deleted, so make sure you have a copy of the image you edited.

2. Every piece of information is important for us to make this app the best, so we would kindly like to ask you to provide us with feedback about what you didn’t liked in the app, what we can add, do different, and really everything on your mind we would love to hear it.

3. If you would like to report a bug, you have several ways to do so:

A. In the bottom right corner you will find a cute smiley icon (Not always, disable ad blocker if you have any), when you click on it you will be asked to rate your experience (be real), you will be able to highlight the element in question (if you had good experience so highlight the element you liked, or if it was bad, highlight the element you didn’t like) and provide a short feedback, the more you tell the more it helps us. - Good for small bug or positive feedback

B. On the top right navigator you will find tab name “Help”, under Help you will find contact us in the menu, you can fill the form and we will get back to you ASAP. - Good for questions and small bugs

C. The best and old way is to contact us by email, send us a mail to, and we will get back to you ASAP. - Good for multiple questions and big bugs.

4. Suggestions are the best way to help us make the app better, if you have any suggestions you can mail us at:

You found any issue in our guide? let us know in the comments or mail us.


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