How to add color variants to your Shopify products

Posted By Seller Panda comments May 5, 2015

A few users asked us how they can add color variants to their Shopify stores so that they can use our Swatchify app.

So, if you’d like your buyers to be able to choose color variants for a certain item, without creating multiple products for each color, you can do that by adding variants to a specific products.

To start out log in to our Shopify admin.

Afterwards, go to Products > Product list.

choose products

Click on the product which you’d like to add color variants to.

Within that product scroll down to the Pricing section.

At the bottom of  the Pricing section you’ll see a title Variants. Click on the Add Variants button next to it to add different color variants, like so:


After you click on that button, a new section will open like so:




Since we want to add multiple colors we will enter Color as the option name.


Next, add the different color variants for this product under Option Values and in order to do this, simply enter the colors in there with commas in between the different colors:



If you scroll down a little, you will see the option to add different prices for every color variant and a barcode, if you want to set different prices/add a unique barcode.


Afterwards, click save.

Continue on if you want to add image variants for your color variations. You don’t need to add image variants though to use  our swatches. 

If you don’t add image variations, your swatches will appear, but the product photo will not change when you click on different swatches.

Otherwise, if you want your product photo to change along with the swatches, follow the instructions below.

Image variants

Scroll up to Images and click on Add Images.



In order to link these images to the variants,  scroll down to the variants, click on the picture to the left of the variant and choose the correct picture of your product in that color from the Select variant image.




Great! New we’ve set both the variants and added images for the variants,  now you will be able to set up your swatches with Swatchify.


Read here how to add swatches to your Shopify store.













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