My Store Catalog Upgrade

Posted By Seller Panda comments March 30, 2015

Exciting changes in our eBay My Store Catalog app!

If you’re signed up to our my Store Catalog app you’ll be happy to know that we just added more options for emailing your catalog to buyers!

You will no be able to email the catalog when you let a buyer know that you shipped a order and when a buyer leaves feedback for their purchase.

in addition, you can email the catalog to buyers also when they bid on any auction item!

Visit now your admin panel to check out these now updates!


7 thoughts on “My Store Catalog Upgrade

  • Reut Silberman

    For the message that goes out after shipping, what happens eBay receives more than one “shipped” message from Paypal? For example, “in process” and then “shipped” – will the message go out once or twice? And if it’s once, after which message?

  • Seller Panda Post author

    Hi Reut,

    We receive only one unique notification from eBay for each buyer when an item is shipped, so the email will be sent according to that one shipped notification.

    Let me know if you have any other questions :)


    – Nancy.

  • RROSE7

    Catalog is a great start. Sure hope there are plans to make it more searchable —- I have >2,000 items. For an example, a customer would like to search for a red skirt in size 10.

    Other ideas/suggestions as I think of them.


  • RROSE7

    Additional thoughts, as promised:

    1. On both my 27″ and 24″ monitors, the catalog takes up only about 50% of the screen. If I attempt to zoom in using the app, it locks up. If I zoom in using CTRL +, at 175%, I still have unused space left and right, but have to scroll up and down to see top and bottom.

    2. Controls at the top allows only to go to 1st or last page. — Should be able to go forward or back one page.
    < < >>
    3. Do not know it it is just me, but if I click on a category, the (forward) is not active.

    4. Would be nice to have ability to speed up or slow down slide show.

    5. I have over 2,000 items. Customers would very much like to be able to do a search. IE: Select all red, size 10, skirts.

    Any plans for any of these?



  • scott

    hellllllllllo…..panda…… can post this if you like……for me the catalog is a very-very nice way of letting the customer know you have other products….&……it should refer them back to SEE SELLERS OTHER ITEMS….. [a] i don’t think the ideal of the……. ‘CATALOG’……..was to be a cheap web page… if you have different sizes/colors/models/……..hey what do you want for ……free/$4.95 a month…………..tkx……g

    • Seller Panda Post author

      Hi Scott,

      We are currently considering offering more custom design options or more templates, would you be interested in a premium subscription that offers that?


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