Remove color swatches from Shopify

Posted By Seller Panda comments February 17, 2015

To remove Shopify color swatches:

1. In your Shopify admin’s right side menu click on “Themes”.

2. Under “Themes” click on “Customize theme” for your published theme.

3. Click on “Edit HTML/CSS”.

4. Click on “Templates” and open your “Product.liquid” template.

5. Search for this code in your “Product.liquid” template: (Tooltip: To easily search for the code click on Ctrl+F and a search window will show)

{% if product.available and product.variants.size > 0 %}
{% include ‘panda-swatch’ with ‘Color’ %}
{% endif %}.

6. Remove the code.

7. Click on “Save”. Now your swatches will no longer show in your products.


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