Custom email signature for Windows Live Mail

Posted By Seller Panda comments January 19, 2015

Let’s add a custom email signature to our Windows Live Mail!

  1. Download the HTML file of your signature: Download HTML.
  2. Open “Windows Live Mail” and click on “File”> “Options” > “Mail”.
  3. Choose “Signatures”.
  4. Under “Signature Settings” checkmark “Add signature to all outgoing messages”.
  5. Create a new signature by clicking on “New”.
  6. Under “Edit signature” choose the option to add a signature by “File” and click on “Browse”.
  7. Select & upload the signature from your computer. Click on “Apply” and “Save”.
  8. Now your signature will show in every new email at the end of the message.


2 thoughts on “Custom email signature for Windows Live Mail

    • Seller Panda Post author

      If the email provider allow you to set HTML signature so our generated signature should work, search google for a specific guide on how to set HTML signature in your email provider.


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