Adding your email signature in Outlook

Posted By Seller Panda comments January 19, 2015

To add your email signature in outlook follow these steps:

  1. Visit your ”Signature” tab to select & copy the HTML of your signature.
  2. Visit your inbox and click on the “Tools” icon at the right top corner and choose “Options”.
  3. Under “Writing email” choose “Formatting, font and signature”.
  4. Under “Personal signature” click on “Rich text” and change it to “Edit in HTML”.
  5. Paste the HTML for your signature.
  6. Click on “Save”.
  7. Now your signature will show in every new email at the end of the message.


6 thoughts on “Adding your email signature in Outlook

  • GearsSpek

    I cant find the “writing email” option nor the Formating, font and signature” option as well i see the signature options but i dont see anywhere to load the HTML code

      • GearsSpek

        Sorry for the delay i am using outlook 2007 I had to place it in the signature files in the program files for it to work. I still had the same issue with my outlook on windows 10 the newest one it would not work their either. the directions dont match up to the options on the screen. But Other then that i do like the signature that was made!

  • ALynn

    I also cannot find the screens/buttons these directions refer to. There is no “options” or “writing emails” under tools. Please help to clarify.


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