Custom email signature for Gmail

Posted By Seller Panda comments January 19, 2015

Let’s talk about adding a custom email signature to your Gmail emails.

  1. Visit your ”Signature” tab to select & copy your signature.
  2. Visit your inbox and click on the “Tools” icon at the right top corner and in the scroll down menu choose “Settings”.
  3. Under the “General” tab scroll down to “Signature”.
  4. Choose the option to add a signature and paste your signature in the editor.
  5. Click on “Save changes”.
  6. Now your signature will show in every new email at the end of the message.



5 thoughts on “Custom email signature for Gmail

  • Steven

    I followed the instructions to set up a signature on my Google for Work business email and it doesn’t work for some reason. I’m not able to copy or paste the signature.
    Please help.



    • Seller Panda Post author


      Gmail have changed something in the way it display the signatures in the box, you can send your self an email and you can see that the signature is displayed accurately.


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