My Store Catalog

Creates an online catalog for eBay items in your store with one click!

Finally, an eBay¬†catalog that’s¬†professionally designed, fun to browse through and¬†automatically sent to your buyers after a purchase. Exporting your eBay inventory into a cool interactive catalog to display to your clients!

Key Features

  • Great for marketing – Sent to each buyer after a purchase, helping you increase repeat sales!

  • Interactive experience – Give your buyers the ultimate browsing experience with an online catalog that your buyers can flip through and comfortably browse through all your items.

  • Modern & Professional Design – Clean cut & stylistic design, great for showcasing your eBay items.

  • 1-Click Activation – Just 1-click and your online catalog is live!


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Seller Panda My Store Catalog eBay app My Store Catalog creates an interactive catalog for your eBay items, shared with your buyers after a purchase! SKU UPC Model

Great app

May 16, 2015 by Karoma caffe

This application gives sellers the opportunity to thank their customers for their purchase, keeps them updated on shipping and sends a reminder email after purchase. Does it all for you. Keep up the great work Panda. Looking forward to further updates.
Please add a 30 day email option after purchase. 7 days sometimes may be too soon.

Sweet Deal

May 12, 2015 by Mugsyk74

User friendly, works like it says, as far as the email delivery upon purchase, shipping, and feedback received. I've had more customers contact me directly by replying to the emails which included the catalog. Was very pleased to see my new listings automatically added in real-time, as well. Looking forward to positive results from this really nice marketing tool!

a nice looking app

May 03, 2015 by TOP'em Toppers

Thank you for giving me a chance to use your app. Its definitely an asset. I love the look of it. It has much potential to attract buyers. Showcases my items perfectly. One thing...If you list in US $ it doesn't show price for your items. And I wish there was a way to organize the ads into categories or even just sort them by theme would be nice. Other than that I love it.

Great Asset to any seller

Apr 30, 2015 by Norman

Have been in business for 39 years and this is the best selling tool that I have had including my own web site. Keeps everything up to date and displayed very well.

online catalog

Apr 27, 2015 by steph

The catalog has a great look but I also like that I can set automatic emails to go out to my customers (that includes the catalog) when they pay, when their item ships, or even when someone bids!

Apr 27, 2015 by Bobbye

Fantastic Idea! Will be trying this out but I can see it is going to be an asset to my eBay store. I am a small (150 items) eBay store and I have been searching for a way to put my store "out there" ~ I have actually been looking outside of eBay as the Big stores seem to have such an advantage over us smaller guys ~ Now I'm staying put. I think the ease of starting up this app and with all the features (esp. like putting my store on the social media) it has it won't be long till every small eBay store is on-board. Great Job!

Looks like a great app

Apr 23, 2015 by Steve Smith

It looks like a great app. excited to work with them

Professional and Quick!!!

Apr 14, 2015 by carrie burkhart

I am a small ebay seller and store owner. I gave Panda a try and I am impressed! The ease of use is comparable to a company who has been doing business for years. All the links to share on social media work perfectly. Was able to update preferences of when to send a catalog. Love the real time inventory update. When you are busy it is very nice to not have to go and import new items myself. I would recommend this app to anyone that wants perfection. Keep up the great work. Roxanne's Resale Shop

Excellent Idea of a promotion app

Apr 13, 2015 by Konstantin

Just got it implemented.
Excellent idea for the promotion app. I like the style / design. Could see it easy as a replacement for the generic promotion flyer! Thanks for the innovation!
Good Job!!!

Great Look!

Apr 11, 2015 by Taylor M

Just implemented the catalog here. Another great tool in our selling arsenal. Great over all look, feel and simplicity. Thanks!

4.9 5.0 30 30 This application gives sellers the opportunity to thank their customers for their purchase, keeps them updated on shipping and sends a reminder email after purchase. Does it all fo My Store Catalog eBay app